What is the Durmen Box?

- The DB is a gift box for men featuring lifestyle items such as jewelry, watches, sunglasses and other fun gifts.

Are the items in the Durmen Box returnable?

- Durmen Boxes are not returnable, however individual items purchased from are returnable within 30 days.

Is this a Subscription Box?

- No, the Durmen Boxes are available for purchase as one-time sales, and you will not be charged or shipped anything after your order is complete.

Did Durmen used to be a Subscription Box?

- Yes! Durmen Box launched in 2018 as a subscription box service.  Due to feedback from our customers we decided to change to the current format to make a gift box service where our customers will know exactly what they are getting instead of making it a surprise.

Can I give a Durmen Box as a gift?

- Yes! Your Order Confirmation email is the only place price will be listed, feel free to enter a different shipping address at checkout and let the recipient know a gift is coming from you so they know who to thank when it arrives!

How is my order shipped?

- We offer several shipping options for convenience, a standard shipping option via USPS as well as expedited 2 day FedEx service.  If you need a faster service please contact us.